Hospital Radio Plymouth

Hospital Radio Plymouth

Hospital Radio Plymouth

Hospital Radio Plymouth provides 24/7 entertainment to the patients of Derriford Hospital through their radio station and the wider community through their Showstage facilities. Every member of Hospital Radio Plymouth is a volunteer, with skills covering presentation, production, engineering and administration. This has been the case since they began in 1969. They are proud of their history and sustained success over the years, and have won several awards – most recently these include HBA Station Of The Year 2008 (Gold), HBA Station Of The Year 2009 (Silver), Plymouth Volunteer Team Of The Year 2009 and HBA Station Of The Year 2010 (Silver).

Hospital Radio Plymouth does an enormous amount of work for not a lot of money. It has annual running costs of approximately £7,500 and need support for this, for example:

  • £50 = ink toner for a printer
  • £100 = 6 months rental of 1 phone line
  • £220 = Annual rental of phone line for Argyle match commentaries
  • £300 = Annual subscription to Sky for news bulletins and interviews
  • £600 = Annual internet access and infrastructure
  • £1,000 = Annual music copyright fees
  • £1,600 = Annual Insurance cover

Much of the Hospital Radio Plymouth equipment is near the end of its normal life and their current studio design is over 12 yrs old and needs significant improvement. Can you help?

  • £2,500 will pay for improvements to their studio ergonomics
  • £7,500 will provide a new mixing desk for their self-op studio

Hospital Radio Plymouth can be found online at:

In addition their Josh Andrews Show can be found at:

  • Michelle Treagust

    What do I admire about @hospitalradio plymouth? Wonderful, dedicated volunteers making hospital stay pleasant, bringing u smiles! #PlymTwest

  • James Sanders

    Everyone there is driven by the hard work and the passion to give the listener a warm, comforting show. No one wants to be in hospital, but when you have people doing a full day work, going right to the studio or to the wards, collecting requests, promoting themselves and the station, going back, doing the show and putting smiles on peoples faces. Talking to that little old lady or gent who hasn’t had a visitor all day and someone who is willing to play his or her’s favourite song just for a few minutes can cheer someone right up! I would rather listen to this locally produced content than any other commercial station that is broadcasted. Everyone is proud to be part of HRP, and well done to them all!

  • Josie Scobling

    There are Hospital Radio stations across the country but Plymouth always goes that extra mile to provide the best service possible for their main listeners – the patients – who may not have any other connection with the outside world. When you hear of someone who has been in hospital for weeks being able to speak to relatives in Australia live on air at no cost to themselves, that’s when you realise the value of Hospital Radio Plymouth and all its volunteers who dedicate their time to keep the station running.

  • Footy Fan

    Hospital Radio Plymouth! They are a great bunch who give their time to make the stay in hospital a little better for the patients. Doing ward visits to get requests from the patients and giving them a friendly voice to listen to! Has to be Hospital Radio Plymouth!

  • Nicol Edwards

    HRP is a fantastic local charity run by fantastic people, some of whom have been giving their time for free for many many years. Not only do they give a little relief to sick people in hospital by playing their song or saying hello, they visit people on the wards and take time to have a chat. The broadcasts are of a very high standard, they’ve been doing it for years and are very good at what they do.

  • Zak Davies

    HRP is full of great people working for a great a cause all of who are unpaid volunteers. The on air schedule is full of great and varied programmes, specialist music, talking newspaper, comedy and a whole lot more. They’ve been nominated for 5 awards in 2011 alone and always do that little bit extra for the patients of Derriford Hospital and & REI. Patients always enjoy meeting the radio staff, chatting and having their requests played on air. Its fantastic to be a part of HRP and it would be a huge boost for them to be this years charity.

  • George M

    It really can make your day while in hospital, not only to be asked for a request to be played, but then to hear your favourite tune on the radio! Fantastic!

  • Sorcellere

    No one enjoys being in hospital but HRP can help people’s stay in hospital a positive one. The fact that it is something specifically for patients makes them feel all the more special.

  • David

    Sometime i fake illness to listen to this radio station

  • Keith

    HRP are a fabulous and friendly radio station run by lovely (unpaid) people, they are guaranteed to raise a smile no matter how bad you are feeling.

  • Lindsay

    There are often patients who are on their own or whose families aren’t able to visit regularly. HRP provides a friendly voice and face that makes patients feel more at home in hospital.

  • Geoffrey N. Read

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating of course! All I can say is that from experience during my stay in Lyner Ward two years agao, I found the station to be a complete comfort and a pleasure to listen to. Long may it continue to do that for other patients!

  • Louis

    I spent some time in an NHS ward last year, and there’s frankly nothing worse than the nasty and incredibly expensive ‘entertainment’ system they had on offer (£3 a day, awful sound quality, bad picture, etc).

    I’d have loved a decent hospital radio station – so well worth your support.

  • Carol Cheshire

    Having spent some considerable time in hospital, I can honestly say that hospital radio was a life-saver. At times, especially post-operatively, I couldn’t even hold a book, but there was always a warm, friendly voice in my ears to help take my mind off things and help pass the time.
    Derriford Hospital has taken several blows over the past few months so for the hospital radio to be acknowledged would be a great moral-booster for all concerned.

    I wish you well,

  • Ianhill

    I had the pleasure of seeing the station in action last year. On a tour I was introduced to a number of the volunteer staff who provide a wonderful and much needed service to the people. Who are unfortunate enough to be in hospital and can listen free of charge to HRP. How ever running the station costs money and to win this award would be fantastic.

  • Gem

    Knowing how much HRP helps the patients get through a maybe otherwise long or hard stay at hospital should be enough as they get to request songs hence becoming involved in the radio show, but also music is known to help people relax and feel good which can only be a good thing.

    Also all the people who run this are volunteers who give up their time to help others.

  • Guest

    Hospital Radio Plymouth!! It really does make a difference to all those staying in hospital, a relative of mine had a four month stay before she sadly passed away last year, she was unable to read or watch tv due to bad eyesight so Hospital Radio was a saviour to her. She listened to it everyday. They are a great team who are really committed to giving a brilliant radio station for all at derriford to listen to.

  • Mark

    A fantastic dedicated team of unpaid volunteers that visit the wards and make sure people can use the equipment to enable them to use the free service. Often patients are bored and have not much to do, Hospital radio gives them entertainment all day long. Patients really enjoy meeting the hospital radio team and hearing their requests live on air, and even calls from family members. It can bring a big smile to their day.

  • Gemma C

    As a 15 year old member I confess that this warm, friendly charity has given me the opportunity to acquire many skills such as teamwork, responsibility, confidence and various other interpersonal skills which are extremely important. More importantly, it is wonderful to have the possibilty to offer support to patients to help make their stay in the hospital more pleasant. Therefore, it would be really, really great if Hospital Radio could be selected as this year’s chosen charity.

  • Julie

    It is vital to the recovery of some patients. Hearing their favourite song perhaps requested by a family member or friend. It is run by a deserving team of dedicated people. Well done and wish you all the very best.

  • Patprice

    HRP is an organisation of great vitality and staffed by menbers who are both enthusiastic and dedicated which greatly impressed us on our recent visit. Everyone was very much aware of the needs oh the patients and appeared to respond quickly and with obvious pleasure making what could be cheerless hours pass quickly. Some past patients volunteer to help once their treatment has been concluded which we thought a strong endorsement of the values oF HRP
    I know that all of us from The Plymouth Ladies Probus Club were much impressed
    Pat Price Social Secretary

  • Patprice

    just in case my fuller note of praise did not arrive The Plymouth Ladies Probus Club were hugely impressed by the whole set up of HRP when we visited recently
    Pat Price

  • Louise

    Hospital Radio Plymouth can really brighten up a patient’s day, volunteers ward visit to collect requests and chat to staff and patients, then play what they want to hear. When you’re stuck on a ward, having contact with the ‘outside’ can really help.

  • nurse

    Patients need this vital service as being in hospital can be a lonely and worrying time. Im a nurse there and we cant spend the time we would like to with the patients so glad they have this service to help them through

  • Mccoy Lee

    There’s nothing better than listening to hospital radio when you’re flat on your back and nothing to do. These guys have been great.

  • Runa

    HRP is run by great people who happily dedicate their free time to doing something good. Their efforts have a huge positive impact on the patients and the time they have to spent in hospital. Great work, guys!

  • Red

    HRP is run by a fantastic team who are dedicated and professional. They give their time to brighten up patients’ days and it makes such a difference to a hospital stay.

  • Stephen

    HRP are a friendly group of guys providing great entertainment to bring a smile to a patients face.

  • Mia

    HRP provides a service that should not be under rated or over looked. Smiles on peoples faces and music to enjoy is an important part of improving the hospital atmosphere.

  • Wendy

    Brilliant job, keep going and making us smile!!

  • NB

    Hospital Radio across the UK does a great job on the whole, providing patients (and staff) with something that the listener can feel is relevant and close to them. Irrelevant bits of local radio taken out, personal contact through ward visiting added in: it’s so much more than a radio service. In my experience the guys at HR Plymouth do this beyond even the normal levels of hospital radio and their HBA awards over the last few years including a gold award for station of the year show that the effort and achievement is high. It’s easy to use the current financial situation as an excuse to ignore an organisation called “….Radio”: that can’t be essential can it? BUT as I say, with the ward visitors and the two way nature of hospital radio it brings much greater benefits to patient care and well being than just being entertainment!

  • Vanessa Rundle

    I was lucky enough to have songs played for me on the Josh Andrews Show during both my stays in hospital. I am very grateful to Hospital Radio Plymouth and all the volunteers for making my time there a much more positive and less lonely time. Meeting Josh and having my favourite songs played for me made a massive difference to how i was feeling and i will never forget how much that helped.

  • Geoff Shepherdson

    Spent 7 weeks in Derriford last year…Hospital Radio kept me going throughout major surgery and recovery..The presenters came onto the wards to take requests and included everyone…Absolutely priceless service.I had many requests played on many shows….PHR is my first choice to be your charity partner

  • Jude

    HRP deserve to win, no scrub that, they need to get more funding to carry on the brilliant free service they offer to patients and staff at the hospital. They are a great bunch of volunteers who give up a lot of their spare time so patients can hear a friendly voice over the radio and see a lovely face when they pop up to the wards to get requests for their show. Hospital radio services are becoming fewer around the country, please help HRP get more funding so they can carry on- or you’ll never know what you had was so great until its gone.

  • Lifevideos

    I have worked with Josh and the gang at Hospital Radio Plymouth and what they do is fun, fresh and inspirational. To loose such talent would be a crime.

    Steve – Life Video Productions

  • Jenette Andrews

    Hospital Radio what a great group of people… especially that wonderful DJ Josh Andrews, what a pro..

  • Claire

    HRP visit patients and play music for them. On the surface it sounds quite superficial. But when you think about the fact that many patients may go days or weeks without any visitors then you realise that hospital radio can be as much of a lifeline as the lady who brings food and drink to them. Volunteers visit patients, talk to them and hopefully bring a smile to their faces. They play songs that hold a fond memory and take the patient from their hospital bed back to that time and place. They are also at the end of a telephone ready to speak to whoever will call them.
    I emailed HRP and asked them to visit my cousin Sheila who had been taken very ill as I was in London and unable to visit her. They visited her, had a lovely long chat and played her a song. When I spoke to her on the phone the next day it was all she could talk about for 10 minutes. Sheila passed away a week later but I will always be grateful for that visit that made her so happy.
    Because I work for a Hospital Radio station here in London I was aware that most hospitals have one and sought them out. HRP needs this money to be able to carry on their good work and to tell Plymouth that they are there for them.

  • Steve Hickman

    I too am a volunteer for another Hospital Radio Station. I have seen the joy on the faces of the patients when you ask then if they would like to have a request played. You can hear their excitement in their voices when they call the studios, to have a go at answering a quiz question. Having visited HRP myself I was very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment shown by its volunteers. They have a strong and dedicated team that deserve help with funding.

  • Floss16

    I spent 3 weeks in hospital last year with glandular fever and hospital radio helped relieve the boredom of my stay. For a 24 year old to be told they have to stay in a hospital bed instead of being able to go out with friends or play rugby, it seems like the end of the world. But listening to the station, requesting songs and taking part in the live broadcast with a couple of really funny and wonderful presenters was a delight – I think they helped me get better more quickly, and I’ll be forever in their debt!

  • Adrian

    hospital radio for all the work they put into providing a service for the hospital patients, staff and visitors, ward visitnng, play requests and keeping the patients connected through a very local service

  • Mandwrickard

    id like to vote for hospital radio plymouth, a great charity and do a great job entertaining people in hospital

  • Charlie

    An amazing station helping people when they really need help. By brightening someones day whilst they are possibly at their lowest is a brilliant thing to do, especially when so many do it for free out of their own time. I hope they manage to continue the good work forever!

  • Calilina1979

    My good friend ADRIAN RICKHARD works hard on this radio station,providing excellent updates on the sport show,long may this continue and bring a smile to people’s faces!!!!

  • PatTheTiger

    Love it.

  • Intergalacticwarhero

    Hospital radio does so much for the good. You can genuinely see the joy it brings people when hospitalised.

  • Cazjameson1

    Hospital radio gives so much pleasure to the patient and lets them know that they are not forgotton.

  • Guest

    Hospital is a very lonely place!
    I know from first hand experience that it brightens a very dark place!
    HRP are friendly, professional and local!
    Great charity, great volunteers!

  • Kertlyj

    HRP is a wonderful charity and is run by very special people, who do a brilliant job!

  • Sam

    Stress and Anxiety in Hospital can have detrimental effects on the patient’s condition. It can lead to deterioration, and hinder healing. With nursing staff so busy they often don’t have time to talk to the patient, and as ‘talking to a patient’ doesn’t bring income to the NHS organisation there is no incentive for managers to ‘make time’ for this.

    Often, Hospital Radio is the only comfort that a patient has. It is a welcomed distraction and is free to the patient. It is a godsend to the patient who has no family, has no visitors, is stressed, and can’t afford the new pay per view tv.

    Please vote for them. Please vote to keep it free and to kee it accessible to all.

  • keith thompson

    I’ve experienced HRP on both sides, as a hospital patient and as a volunteer. When I had to go into hospital for serious heart surgery I learnt how important and needed HRP, it kept me company through the long nights and days with music, humour, news and entertainment. I saw formyself the good HRP was doing and I was proud to get back to volunteering 2 weeks after leaving hospital. This service is vital.

  • alexruk

    please work with hospital radio plymouth as i was with the station years ago, and enjoyed myself there and hope the work continues well into the future

  • Jackiewal

    For as long or as short a stay in hospital. Without the Hospital radio one never feels alone. With friendly people as a lifeline to keep one strong it always seems a much happier brighter day. Thankyou for hospital radio a speedy recovery to one & all. Thanks to Hospital radio what a long day it would be without you.

  • Musiclover

    Great team who take time to chat to the patients and play great music and a good variety of progs x

  • Imogen

    Absolutely brilliant organisation, they get my vote!!!

  • EmmaB

    Hospital radio do a fantastic job and cheering people up and have lots of hard working volunteers! Keeps up the good work!

  • Ammyscott

    They are a great bunch of people !

  • Emily Bettison

    Hospital radio are really great and i found that while i was in hospital it allowed me some entertainment which helped to cheer me up :)

  • Bec

    The station provides a great opportunity for people to volunteer, as well as an excellent and appreciated distraction for those admitted.

  • Tabatha

    Hospital Radio always brought a smile to my face, and made me forget the pain I was in. Very funny at times, and they had a great collection of music. It became my little treat in the evenings, put my feet up, with a cup of tea, and listened in. Keep up the good work xx

  • Logan2112

    These guys provide a superb service for people facing a difficult time in hospital, and help make the stay a little more comfortable, offering friends and family a way to stay in touch with their loved ones.

  • Al

    It gives out a positive atmosphere for everyone. The people that run it enjoy spreading joy in there and visiting the patients :)

  • Alix Roberts

    Hospital Radio is amazing!

  • vickig

    Hospital radio brings a smile to many people’s faces – long may it continue!!

  • Jack E

    I’m 17 and after I had surgery I couldn’t get out of the hospital bed for a while. Daytime TV is usually uneventful and I just listened to the radio. Surprisingly the hospital radio station just had so many feel good hits and was very entertaining all around. HRP should definitely recieve funding as this was really a huge up to being immobilised.

  • Liam

    I love this show so much, I feel like it deserves some funding or attention!!

  • Hannah Ryan

    HRP is awesome! Deserves as much funding possible, such an inspiring and upbeat charity!

  • me

    it helps bring a smile back to people’s faces :)

  • Jackie Martin

    You’re doing a great job!

  • Pumpkin Queen

    i love music with all my heart and i think that the people that work for this station are amazing. they bring people who are stuck in hospital and not feeling their best the joy of beautiful tunes that can make you feel just a little bit more human when sometimes you don’t think it’s possible. you guys are very special :) keep rocking!!

  • Martha

    Definitely a worthy cause, please help support them!!:):)

  • Winky

    Hi love the radio and dedication of the volunteers. x

  • Melmaidment

    A worthy cause, please support them !

  • Aunt Sally

    Probably the only highlight for going into Derriford, HRP is a great station and deserves support !
    The presenters are very professional and I love the up to date information and music they play. I think Hrp is a very forgotten charity and really should be given the rewards that it truly deserves.
    Keep up the good work

  • Ryanmc252

    brings entertainment and also brings smiles to people’s faces!

  • Edwardsthomas

    Hospital can get very boring to just lay around in, the entertainment given by the hospital radio is greatly appreciated by the extreme majority :)

  • Xgirlfridayx

    It’s such a fantastic charity, most of us dread being stuck in hospital, but the hospital radio brings smiles to everyone’s faces and really cheers up your day. The hospital would be gloomy without it!

  • Marisa

    I couldn’t imagine being stuck in Hospital without the radio to listen to. Please support!

  • guest

    this radio station deserves all the respect as it does wonders for everyone who listens and gives them support in hard and difficult times. Wonder if the DJs are as cute as they sound :)

  • Hannah

    the people are so lovely and dedicated, always putting a smile on the faces of those who don’t neccesarily have much to smile about. they give great opportunities for volunteer work to people of all ages and provide a variety of great shows, they definetly deserve the money!

  • Mariannejarvis

    Hello, I think hospital radio is the greatest, amazing radio show ever. The radio presenters always make me laugh with their stories and the songs-choses are great. Please give it the funding it needs to continue to keep it running since there isn’t much entertainment within hospitals and the ill people need something to cheer them up! Thanks.

  • gem78

    A brilliant Charity, helping to entertain patients. Please support it!

  • Tammybonar

    PLease support,need i say more.xx

  • Sammi-shaw04

    The charity does a lot of great work providing a vital service to the patients and making their day a bit better by cheering them up.

  • Sleivedonard

    This is a group of people who have since the 1960′s provided a window for people in hospital to maintain contact with the outside world. Hospital can be a very lonely place especially if you have no relatives living close by. Local Radio, be it the BBC or IRL is aimed at the wider population and tend to forget that there are people who are lonely or bed ridden in Hospital and as a result loose their link with the outside world be it only for a brief time.Hospital radio can and does provide that link with the outside world and as such they deserve all the help they can muster in order to keep this valuable service going.

  • stella

    hi nice website wishes you we love peace and light xx

  • CherryB

    Hospital radio is a godsend, it enables you to block things out and music can lift your spirits. Keep up the good work.

  • Mariongoodfellow

    we need all our independent radio stations and this one has a duel purpose

  • Olga

    This is very special, good to have!

  • jules

    Have always been an advocate of hospital radio – it is such a boost for people to hear their requests and messages from loved ones – makes them realise that the world is not passing them by whilst they are out of it – carry on the great work you guys!

  • Harryp436

    Spent a couple of good days down in plymouth, a very good mate recommended the station to me and was hooked on it the whole time i was there! absolutely brilliant, gotta have ALOT of effort put in for the lads and lasses working to provide such effective entertainment… thanks to all of you, when i’m next up i’ll know who i’m listening to

  • ash k

    a brilliant cause! it can help brighten the day of someone who is not in a bright situation and can make what could be a tedious time much more entertaining, espsecially with excellent hosts who work very hard :)

  • Liz Mulgrew

    My son really enjoys working at hospital radio plymouth, its a fantastic charity and all of the volunteers are working together for a great cause, they really should be this years chosen charity!

  • Eyecon18

    every one should support this x

  • Billyandkatie123

    Fantastic cause, the radio station is a godsend to the many patients who have been unfortunate to be in hospital!

  • David_bettison

    Having been in hospital on several occasions in recent years, I found that listening to Hospital radio really aided my recovery, and cheered me up when visitors had gone. I hope they can continue for many years to come. DCB

  • Marie

    A fantastic charity. Thank you for all you’ve done for everyone. :) Please support. x

  • Thomas

    Absolutely fantastic! It makes such a bright and wonderful difference to those who hear it. A great cause and an inspiration too! :) Fantastic hosts and hard working staff. Keep it going and keep up the good work!

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