The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer

The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer

The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer

The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer – the PlymTwest 2011 local charity partner – is the only local prostate cancer charity in Devon and Cornwall. They are based at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth and concentrate on providing equipment, treatment, nurses and awareness of this disease within their local communities. Without help they are not able to provide the very latest in technology or bring ground-breaking prostate cancer treatments to the area.

They have already funded six nurses, have bought state of the art technology to local hospitals as well as paid for new and up to date kit. They always ensure that donations go to where they are needed most and 2011 will hopefully see the charity promoting awareness of prostate cancer on an unprecedented scale.

The Chestnut Appeal wants the whole of Plymouth to know about prostate cancer and that it’s the most common male cancer. Less than 20% of men know where their prostate is, let alone what it does! Spreading awareness is at the heart of everything The Chestnut Appeal does. Getting publicity for men’s prostate problems is quite tricky, it’s considered an old man’s disease and there is still resistance to talking about it. It’s not emotive unless someone has direct experience with the cancer.

Even small amounts of money will help the Chestnut Appeal, and if you can give more they can use that too:

  • £2 will fund 10 publicity leaflets
  • £30 will fund a prostate cancer nurse specialist for a day
  • £50 will pay for 100 beer mats to be used in local pubs, helping to get the message across
  • £200 funds special High Back Vinyl chairs
  • £300 will purchase a massive prostate cancer awareness banner to be used on roundabouts
  • £500 will purchase an examination couch

The Chestnut Appeal can be found online at:

  • Pirwany

    This is a very worthwhile life saving charity brilliantly administered by a very hard working Lesley Ann Simpson. Saving lives is very fulfilling for a person. All praise to Lesley.

  • Phc

    Mens health has lurked in the shadows for too long. Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer in men. The chestnut appeal are doing a great job and should be supported in their continued efforts with prostate cancer awareness and support of patients during their diagnostic and treatment journey.

  • Sarah @ Willow

    A great Charity working hard to raise awareness and support patients to get the best care – Lesley-Ann and David are amazing people who work really hard to promote The Charity and would make sure any funds are used well to have the biggest impact on the work they do.

  • Joanna

    Very amazing charity and worth while cause, ive known someone effected by this illness and supoort it all the way

  • Ca Street

    Prostate cancer is the most common men’s cancer. Within Devon and Cornwall, the Chestnut Appeal is doing excellent work to raise awareness of this disease and to help improve facilities and equipment in the local hospitals. If prostate cancer is identified early, it is treatable, so a greater awareness is vital to save lives.

  • Pjh260

    The Chestnut appeal has done remarkable work and is well worthy of your support. Having supported Derriford Hospital very substantially over the last ten years it continues to do so, the Trustees deserve the support of the whole community especially in the absence of Government finance to help the care of the largest cancer killer of men since they also endeavour to prolong the lives of those men unfortunate to sucombe to this horrendous problem.

  • duffgaryduff

    The prostate cancer charity is now on a roll,
    They’ll help you even when you’re on the dole,
    Just pull down your pants,
    and steady your stance,
    and prepare for a finger up yer bum hole….

    Lesley Ann rocks. Leslie Ann rolls….

  • Al Pewsey

    A hard working charity providing a much needed focus on Prostate Cancer in the local area.

  • LizB

    Supporting this Charity is supporting the men that I care about in my life and can make a real difference.

  • kimLemontreebistro

    The Chestnut appeal deserves to be chosen as it raises awareness of this hush hush male cancer, and gets people talking openly about it rather than behind closed doors , and giving valuable support to the men in our lives who usually need a little push ( WELL ACTUALLY A HUGE SHOVE in the right direction to check out their health with their G.P.

  • Mail

    Fantastic work here for us men. Eugene

  • Benfire

    I have been a prostate cancer patient for over 3 years and have had so much help and assistance from the prostate nurse specialist at the chestnut unit at Derriford Hospital. It is only recently that I have learned that the wages for this particular nurse are paid for by the Chestnut Appeal. I am just one of many hundreds of men who would be far worse off without their guidence and after care with things like incontinence and erectile disfunction amongst so many other unforseen problems.
    Thousands of pounds have been raised for special head cameras for the surgens to use during operations, and now we are working very hard to raise money for “mobile prostate biopsy scanners” at £15000 each. For my part I firmly believe that early detection is the answer to helping to reduce the loss of thousands of lives to this dredful desease and these mobile biopsy scanners could well speed up the process thus saving lives. Do please give hearty consideration to this very worthy cause.

  • Charles_delia

    CHESTNUT APPEAL FOR PROSTATE CANCER . A visit to my Doctor a few years ago and subsequent visits to Derriford Hospital confirmed that I had agressive Prostate Cancer. A life changing event for any man and his family and for me, and those nearest to me, a new direction in the wonderful journey through life. The warm support and guidance by all those involved in my treatment revealed the vitally important work of the Chestnut appeal. The appeal provides direct assistance in the provision of nursing support, the purchase of specialist equipment and sustains a number of very successful and much valued Prostate Support Groups. The appeal also drives the awarness campaign which seeks to provide information to a very wide audience of men, young and old, and their loved ones. The information campaign aims to increase awarness of signs which should be brought to the Doctors immediate attention and also stimulates interest in the possibility of long term changes in lifestyle to reduce risk. The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer deserves every support in its fundamentally important work in the service of the South West community. Personally, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Chestnut Appeal and it is my priviledge to be Patron.

  • Willow Well-being

    The Chestnut Appeal is a fantastic charity who are doing amazing work raising awareness about prostate cancer and supporting those affected by it.
    Lesley-Ann and David are dedicated and enthusiastic people who have such vision and drive for the charity. We are delighted to be supporting such a worthwhile cause in anyway possible.

  • Win Scutt

    A brilliant charity. We should all be supporting the Chestnut Appeal. A small amount of money can save a lot of lives.

  • Esther Mclarty

    prostate cancer patients need a lot of support over a long period of time, diagnosis, treatment, side effects and even smaller things like travel insurance advice.
    The Chestnut nurses are an invaluable support for all
    Every prostate cancer patient in the South West should have this support!

  • Ian Massey

    The Chestnut Appeal is a great Charity. Men need to be educated, we frequently ignore symptoms that we should medically address. Well done The Chestnut Appeal for raising awareness of Prostrate Cancer!

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